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Maxing out HTTP compression in IIS7

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1:  In IIS7 manager, enable dynamic and static compriession.   (This adds <urlCompression doStaticCompression=”true” doDynamicCompression=”true” /> to applicationHost.config) 2: Open C:WindowsSystem32InetsrvConfigapplicationHost.config and go to the httpCompression section. For both dynamicTypes and staticTypes: <mimetype=”*/*” enabled=”true”> 3:   Run appcmd in %systemroot%system32inetsrv appcmd set config /section:httpCompression /[name=’gzip’].dynamicsCompressionLevel:10 appcmd set config /section:httpCompression /[name=’gzip’].staticCompressionLevel:10 (Set the value to 7,8,or 9 for […]