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Basic AJAX with MVC3 & Razor

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Suppose you have a page which requires you to load content inline in response to some action.  In the below example, you have a filter and a “preview” button which needs to show some sample data. You could have the button do a post and have the MVC handler parse the form fields and render […]

Creating a Stanza Catalog with ASP.Net MVC 2.0

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Stanza is a book reader for the iPhone/iPad.  One of Stanza’s features is the ability to browse specially formatted book catalogs.  While it has a number of built-in catalogs, you can also add your own.  I have created such a catalog with ASP.Net MVC 2.0 (screenshots).  The Stanza catalog format is pretty simple – just AtomPub with some […]

Luhn algorithm validation via a CustomValidator control

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The Luhn algorithm is a checksum used for credit cards and many other identifying numbers as a basic integrity validation check.  It’s useful for credit card forms because it avoids unneeded transaction attempts when card numbers are mis-typed. It’s easy to add an account # Luhn checksum validation control to credit card forms in ASP.Net: […]